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The Greath Semeru


King of Mount in Java

by : Laela Hikmah Nurbrata

Have you ever been to the top of the highest mountain in Java?, isn't it challenging and adventurous?, Yes, if you are adventurous person, climbing Semeru will not sound strange in your adventure. MT.Semeru is highest volcano in Java ( 3,677 m ). The most unique attribute of Semeru is that it spews out a smoky cloud of steam, black ashes and stones every 20 - 30 minutes.
You can get many beneficial aspects in mount-climbing activity such as a training to increase self - reliance and stamina, developing friendship and spending a leisure time for recreation. Doing a climbing activity can be useful for scientific activity just to refresh themselves. Usually the trip takes around 3-4 days to reach the top of MT.Semeru. Believe me,if you plan to climb Semeru, you plan for the most unforgettable experience in your live.
Mount Semeru is located on Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, one of conservation areas which is well known by many people, because it has great values of potential aspects viewed from cultural history, biodiversity and estetica. Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park covers a wide area including some other mountains : MT.Bromo ( 2,392 m), MT. Batok (2,47 m), MT. Kursi (2,58 m), MT. Watangan (2,662 m), and MT. Widodaren (2,650 m). Semeru is exactly located between Malang and Lumajang with geographical position of 8 06' south latitude and 12 55' est longitude. the park of Semeru is 3,676 m above sea level, making it the highst montain in Java.
The top of Semeru is called Mahameru. Mahameru means the great mountain. In fact, Mahameru actually refers to the Hindu god Siva in local dialects. Siva the Destroyer is the most powerful God; hence, it comes to no surprise that mount Semeru is name after this forceful deity.
For those who are interested in climbing Semeru, the hike starts at the village of Ranu Pane. If you depart from Malang, you can take the local bus to Tumpang, from which you can hire a 4WD ( JEEP )To Ranu Pane across the sea of sands. If you are form Pasuruhan or Probolinggo, you can hire a regular taxi van that passes Sukapura, Ngadisari and arrives at Cemoro Lawang, from which a rented 4WD will bring you to Jemplang on Semeru’s southern rim, and eventually to Ranu pane. First we need to stop by in tumpang and get the permission from the mount officer to climb to the motion. Ranu Pane is the last village on the way to MT. Semeru. At the end of a long and descending road,there is a lake with several houses and farms around it. You can find two lakes araund this village, namely Ranu Pane Lake and Ranu Regulo Lake. From here you must walk up. It is interesting journey, because you can see the mountain clearly.
The next stop is Ranu Kumbolo, which is about 9,3 kilometers from Ranu Pane. If you arrive in the afternoon, you can build your tent and stay overnight. There is a badly-littered shelter on the bank of a beautiful lake situated at 2400 m above sea level. The water is clean ( it can be used from drinking ), and the scenery is beautiful. Here, you can also find a statue made by Hindi people. The place is considered to be a sacred place for the Hinds, becouse some religious ceremonies are held in the lake. Therefore, we have to respect the place and beware of our attitude.
The next stop after Ranu Kumbolo and also the first base camp you find on the map actually has a frightening name called Kalimati. The distance is about 5 Km. it is vast stretch of grassland dotted with short tress and shrubs. This place is warm in the afternoon, but bitterly cold when the evening winds start to sweep across it. There is a small shelter here for climbers to rest before continuing to climb to the second base camp. Kalimati looks like a wide field whare you can see lots of your water, you can find in the jungle. Somehow, you need to be cereful in Kalimati because tigers may live in the jungle. It is better to take water in Ranu Kumbolo.
The other option is to stop in the secound base camp which also has a magnificent name, Arcopodo. It is about one kilometer from Kalimati. However, the land is a bit unstable and landslide often occurs. Arcopodo is the last forest in semeru area before you reach the peak. To camp here is very cold so you really need the right equipment to survive in jungle.
To see the sunrise on top of the mountion, people usually climb at 2 in the early morning. You need to be cautious when climbing, because loose volcanic scree can get into your boots and make you slip all the way. At this rate, it seems that we’ll naver reach the top, but on mount is impossible to climb. It’s better not too close to the crate because you may be caught by gas and lava from the volcanic activity, especially when you approach theocratic from the south side.
When you finally step on the top of Semeru, you will get excited because you will see smoky cloud, and eruption. Nobody wants to miss the marvelous show. What about you??


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